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About Us

Prime Cabs is first company to launch metered "Radio cabs" in Guwahati. Prime Cabs offers a cab service that emulates the best taxi service norms across the world. We try our best to ensure availability; our onboard technology ensures that a customer pays a fair fare with a printed receipt for each transaction. We try to ensure that your need for commuting is met every time you need to commute and in as hassle free a manner as possible. With the aim of quality ride to your destination, we ensure that each cab is well maintained as well as the chauffeur driving the cab is well trained. Your safety and time being our first priority; we have our cabs equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System), immobilizer buttons, making it easier for us to keep things in place for you. Primecabs is perhaps the first and the only player to offer complete 360 degree solutions to completely transform the Guwahati personal transportation industry into an organized business.